March Bracken has had a lengthy career as a social worker. She studied at Boston University School of Social Work and did her internship at McClean Hospital, Harvard’s psychiatric teaching hospital, in Belmont, Mass. It was there, before the days of HMO’s, she observed respected and world renowned psychoanalysts walk patients from despair to healing by creating a deep connection with them. It was there she learned to relate heart to heart, and that choice has permeated her personal and professional lives ever since. She feels a huge gratitude for these teachers and for that opportunity to learn from them. It is there that she chose a heart to heart connection in both personal and professional lives.

At Yale-Haven Hospital, she started a comprehensive program working with inner city pregnant teens. For the last three decades, she has worked in Chicago, mostly in the most challenged areas of the city. She has continued to work heart to heart, one patient at a time. As a life coach empowering others through transitions in their lives, she also uses her heart to heart approach. She calls her way of empowering others the Weg School (Warmth Empathy Energy).


Marchie and Olive

March has published numerous essays and poetry: Adolescent Pregnant Teens in Children, 1971; Business Trip with a Child in Business, 1979; and numerous other articles in local newspapers, as well as poetry in journals and a book of poetry, Valeria, 1984. Olive and Babyland is, however, her first children’s book.

Olive and Babyland is the first in a series of Olive books, for children from 4-8. This first book helps children understand death, by using gentle words and soothing imagery. It is a book that would also be fitting for those with dementia, as they try to cope with loss. It is a book of light and love.

The second book in the Olive series, is titled Olive and the Boy whose Heart was Bigger than His Whole Body. This is a book about an aware and empathetic boy, who is very kind. He encounters bullies and learns to protect himself, while still caring about others. It is a book for any child with a big heart…which is all children, of course!

March and Olive

March and Olive

March uses the name “Marchie” for her pen name for the children’s books, as that is what her beloved grandchildren call her. Her grandchildren are all featured in the book, and even her sons appear from time to time. Marchie is grateful for her beautiful family and for the support of loving friends and teachers.

Please inquire about book signings! A fun experience for all, and get your own personalized Olive books signed by March

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