Life Coach and Author

March Bracken, MSW, CPC

My main gift lies in empowering those with mental, physical, or social challenges and coaching those facing life transitions. There are no hopeless causes, and first I sit, validate, and care. I am interested in exploring coaching and case management solutions through online and telephonic counseling, as well as in person life coaching.

I’ve had many years of experience and excellent education at Boston University School of Social Work, with an internship in psychiatric social work at McClean Hospital. I published in Children from my work at Yale-New Haven Hospital in work with pregnant inner-city adolescents whom I followed and supported after the birth of their babies. My goal continues to be to encourage individuals, families, and communities to honor themselves and to grow and empower themselves.

Specialties: In recent years, I’ve worked with seniors, young artists, entrepreneurs, millennials and Gen Xers that are setting out in new directions in their lives. I am skilled at working with all ages, genders, and ethnic backgrounds and am trained in work with young children and families. I am a trained psychotherapist with a comprehensive approach to wellness. I am a Reiki Master, a Certified Dementia Practitioner, and a certified Life Coach. I am a trusted advocate for individuals, families and communities

Through warmth, empathy and energy we will connect, and walk together to build change in your life.

Please email me for more information on working together!

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